Zach And Erika Martin

We are a son and mom team….Zach and Erika Martin.

Zach is 23 years old and was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. He loves crickets and trains more than anything else, hence the name for this site. His knowledge of all things bugs and trains, as well as thunderstorms, lighting, tornadoes, weather patterns, etc. is immense and impressive. He’s also very artistic and creative, with a great sense of humor and wonder.

Erika, well, I’m on the early side of my 40s and digging this adventurous stage of motherhood. We recently moved from Vermont to Georgia and Zach and I have had the opportunity to explore his interests and our new home and beyond.

This site is a place for us to share our adventures, for Zach to hopefully share some of his artwork, and to let you see life through autistic eyes. We hope that you enjoy your journey with us.

Zach is an incredible young man with autism and Erika is his mom. We are here to share our stories with you and life as seen through autistic eyes. Zach’s two most favorite things in the whole world are crickets and trains, hence the name of his site. But life is more than just crickets and trains and we hope to share that with you here.