Day 13 – Nova Scotia

Another 338  miles and another 6 hours of driving. We traveled over some beautiful and remote parts of Maine and over the border into New Brunswick, Canada. The border crossing was uneventful; a few questions, a look at our passports, and that was it. We entered some low lying foggy areas along the coast as we worked our way northeast and the temp was around 65 degrees. It suddenly changed in just a few miles as the fog cleared and we went higher in elevation and the sun started shining down. It jumped fro 65 to 85 degrees.

Because we had a late breakfast, I told Zach that he would have to wait until around 1 pm for lunch. He was shocked to find that he had missed the 1 pm deadline on the clock on my phone. He couldn’t believe that it had gotten past 2 pm without him noticing it since he had been periodically looking at the clock and couldn’t figure out how he missed it by that much. I had to explain to him that we had crossed from the Eastern time zone and into the Atlantic time zone and we had jumped an hour ahead of everyone back home and the clock on my car.

No trip through Canada is complete without stopping at a Tim Hortons for TimBits. Zach was fascinated by the colorful plastic Canadian money and the fact that he could see through it in parts. We split the TimBits….I had 5, Zach had 15. Yes, that’s splitting for Zach and I.

Zach kept exclaiming that it was so beautiful and the land was pretty and the houses were not too modern. No matter how many times I come back to this area, it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how expansive or humble the houses may be, people here take pride in their homes and their land. Everything is clean, well kept, and manicured. Zach and I marveled over all the beautiful wildflowers growing all over the place…it made everything feel surreal.

We drove over a small river in Tidnish to get into Nova Scotia and it wasn’t much farther down the road that we pulled into Amherst Shore Provincial Park. We’ve stayed here before when Zach and his sister were little. The playground is just as I remember it and I missed getting a picture of Zach on the play structure so that I could compare it from 15 years ago. The thought had crossed my mind and as quickly as it crossed it, it went out of it.

My brother’s amazing sourdough bread made the most amazing grilled cheese over the campstove and we finished it off with some of his just as delicious chocolate chip cookies. Both Zach and I needed a bit of time with our laptops so we drove up to the ranger station at the entrance of the park to hook into their wifi so I could get caught up with home, check my bank account, chat with some family, and Zach could look up his train videos and other things that make him happy.

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