Day 26 – Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Our plans got altered slightly at this at the Eastport and Old Orchard Beach portion of our trip. Originally, when I was working out the itinerary for this trip back in March, the plan was to take the ferry from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Bar Harbor, Maine. I didn’t realize until the beginning of June that the ferry stopped running from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor, and now goes from Yarmouth to Portland, Maine. That is a much longer trip and would have cost us about $300. I decided that we would instead drive back up through Nova Scotia and then down through New Brunswick and Maine….the same way we came up. But this also meant figuring out where to stay and how to chop up the driving since it’s quite a few hours and miles and I’m the only driver. We were going to spend a couple days in Bar Harbor, but then didn’t want to be somewhere that was crawling with tourists and we had seen everything we wanted to see in Nova Scotia, so we left a day early, did two days of relaxation in Eastport, and then drove to Old Orchard Beach to stay with some dear friends and their son. 

We put in another 270 miles driving to Old Orchard Beach and after arriving at our friends’ house, Sam and Juni took us for a drive down to the beach while Dallen stayed behind to make the most amazing lo mein dinner that Zach had two helpings of. We watched as Juni swam like the fish he is and let the waves lap at our feet. It was very relaxing and peaceful and nothing beats having friends to share some time with. 

After dinner we all took a walk to the corner market, where Zach had plans to get a bag of his favorite Doritios. When we walked in the door, I was greeted with one of the most glorious sights I’ve ever seen in Maine, The Land of Whoopie Pies. It was like the angels were singing as I gazed upon the display of whoopie pies! These are something I can’t find in the south. In fact, hardly anyone in the south even knows what you’re talking about when you say whoopie pie. And to make it even better, the whoopie pies at the store were from Steve’s Snack Bakery. I used to be able to buy these at the little store in Vermont down the road from where I lived and they are the best of the best! I miss these something fierce now that I live in Georgia. I bought 6 of them and some made it home to Georgia, where I put them in the freezer, but in the week that I’ve been back, they are now gone and in my belly!

The only downside to staying with friends is having to say goodbye. Dallen and Sam are some of the coolest people I know….and their son, Juniper, is just as amazing as they are. They were so awesome with Zach and didn’t mind all his questions and connected so well with him. So thankful for all the amazing people we were able to share our adventure with along the way.

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