Day 7 – Pennsylvania (Part 1)

Another 210 miles down…..from Luray, VA to Lancaster, PA. We woke up with our air mattress almost out of air. 5 days sleeping on it and it was toast. One week into a 4 week road trip. This did not bode well with us. It was a rough night of sleep as it slowly leaked air all night long. We woke up contorted in all sorts of ways and with the gravel pad of the campground in our backs. We packed everything up and decided to deal with the leaky air mattress another time. We needed to eat breakfast and get on the road. It was another beautiful day for a drive and I needed to get Zach to Lancaster to meet up with his grandparents. Zach regaled me with stories of his dreams from the night before, which are always entertaining. He also did a ton of bug noises and had me guess what kinds of bugs they were. That kid cracks me up….and he’s also spot on with the bug noises.

We made it to Lancaster by 1 pm in time to meet up with his dad’s parents and while I was off shopping for another air mattress and a couple other staples for the trip, as well as meeting up with my dear friend, Kim, for lunch, Zach was off on another adventure on train #4 on this trip. His grandfather took him for a ride on the Strasburg Railroad, which is something they’ve done in the past and Zach had memories he wanted to relive with his PawPaw. This is a fun steam train ride through the countryside and past Amish farms for 4.5 miles out, and then the 4.5 mile return trip. The train stops at a cornfield for a corn maze, a playground and a petting zoo and concession stand, or you can also stop at a little picnic ground along the side of the railroad. He also went out for ice cream and for a walk in the park.

We headed over to Elizabethtown for a few hours to visit with my sister-in-law and her little guy and then we headed back to Lancaster for the night where Zach went firefly hunting again. I ordered my first ever pizza delivery (I’ve always picked up because I was too cheap to do delivery) and felt like a real adult. I realized that night that it was the first place we’ve been in where the humidity had broken. It was such a peaceful and comfortable night with the windows open.

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